Today Mel has another awesome ID window tutorial to share with us. This one is perfect for adding to any project in need of one! 

ID Window

 So….let’s take a look….over too you Mel-


ProfileHello everyone! My name is Mel (Melanie Euhus if you must!), and I’m thrilled to have been asked to be a guest blogger!! Thanks so much Christine!

So Christine wanted to know about my alternative way to make an ID Window for your bags/wallets. This version is for a stand-alone ID Window, which you can attach to any bag or wallet where it fits, and you just want that extra window for ID or a photo of loved ones. Let’s go!


Cut your pieces:

1x Fabric 4.5” x 6”

2x Heat n Bond Lite (or Vliesofix) 3” x 1.75”

1x Clear vinyl for window 3.5” x 2.5”

Step 1


Draw a line on each short end of your fabric, on the wrong side. The lines need to be ¾” in from each short end, and ¾” in from each side. Make a small right angle mark at the end of each of the lines

Step 2


Position your 2x Heat n Bond pieces so that they rest in the “bracket” lines you drew in Step 2, and fuse in place.

Step 3


Draw an X across the corners of the paper. Using a seam ripper to get you started, then small scissors, cut the X on both boxes.

Step Four


Trim points, to leave about ½” remaining on each side. Peel paper backings off

Step 5


Fold each side over, and finger press in place, ensuring the edges are straight. Carefully fuse, one side at a time, using the tip of your iron. Repeat for all four box sides on both pieces.

Step 6


Fold fabric RST, so the short edges meet. Pin, ensuring that the 2 windows line up with each other.

Step 7


Sew up the sides only, using a ¼” seam, stopping ¼” from the open end on each side. Clip corners.

Step 8


Fold the raw edges up ¼” and press in place

Step 9


Flip inside out, poke out corners, make sure your open seam that you pressed is tucked under, and give it another press so it’s nice and flat

Step 10


Insert your piece of vinyl.

Step 11


Using a long stitch length, topstitch the inside border around the window 1/8”. Then topstitch the TOP (folded) edge ONLY.

Step 12

That’s it! Then you can add it to any bag/wallet where it’ll fit, by topstitching 1/8” around the sides and bottom of the pocket, which encloses the bottom as you go.


Thank you so much Mel! I am sure there will be a lot of these windows being attached to projects very soon! If you missed the first ID Window tutorial for the Pick A Pocket Wallet, click HERE!

To see more of Mel’s work, visit her on Facebook Buntings & Things, HERE!


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