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Welcome to the Pick A Pocket Sew Along – Part One! I am really happy to have the help of my friend and trusty pattern tester Ellen who has done an awesome job setting up the following steps for us ……..so without further babble from me it is over to you, Ellen! 🙂


Photo of EllenHi everyone my name is Ellen and I’m helping Christine out with the “Pick A Pocket Wallet” Sew Along.    Yay!!!  How excited are we….. I can hear you all going Yay with me!!!…lol

So,   have you picked your fabrics yet?.. I had to have a jump start on you all. But by now most of you will have chosen your pretties.  …. if not then hurry up..lol.

The Sew a Long is to run from August 11th to September 8th.  Rachel  Anaya from Tiger in a Tornado will be heading up the Sew Along this time on the ChrisW Designs Patterns Group on Facebook .

Come and join us on the special Events page.

We’re going to post the steps into 4 sections, over 4 days. it’s up to everyone to choose if they want to do the steps all at once or do it weekly or to whatever time frame suits. Be sure to pop on over to the event page if you need help or if you want to post progress reports.  If you have any problems  or questions please come and ask us!

These are my fabrics:

Ellen's Fabrics for her Pick A Pocket Wallets!

Section  one:

Please read the instructions, some of it may not make sense until your working on the wallet, but being prepared is a good thing. Gather your tools / instructions/ pattern /fabrics and notions.


Decide which option your making (Option 1 card slots or Option 2 zip pocket).

Decide on whether your using pattern pieces or cm or inches , ( try not to jump back and forth from cm to inches,  that’s  how you make mistakes. Ask me how I know that.. ha ha ).

Another tip is to label  each piece after cutting and put a T or Top in the seam allowance, at the top of each piece as instructed on pattern pieces….this will make things less confusing later.

Some Tips!

Cutting out:
Try to keep your measurements as accurate as possible… it helps.  Cut out all necessary pieces of fabric and interfacings ( Try to resist cutting out extra interfacing  as extra will make sewing together in the last stages too thick…again ask me how I know  that too ..lol).

Fuse required interfacings to fabric. Not the Decovil or substitute yet , that comes later.



When I’m fusing, I also like to press my card slots now as well. You can do the card slots in various ways.

This is one way…by using a small template made of cardboard  from a fat ¼. I mark the required measurements on the cardboard and line up on the end (after turning under my seam allowance) having the top on my right hand side, line the template up on the top edge at 10 cm line with right side of fabric facing up.

Making the card slots

Fold the fabric up at the end of the template and iron in place.

Fold and Press

Take the template out and position the 8 cm line on the left hand edge and fold the fabric back and iron the crease in.

Card Slots

Remove template and position the 10 cm line on the right hand side  and fold the fabric back again and iron …

Repeat until you have 4 card slots. Then carefully give it a good press and insert your small pieces of interface and iron in place (please use a press cloth).

Card Slot Interfacing

The Large card slots can also be done this way using a template and its own required measurements and then insert the interfacing required and press (with a cloth).

Large Card Slots

With the Tabs I cut them square and do templates if I know I’m going to use this pattern a few times. I interface the square then draw in the shape and iron on the fleece. I find it gives me a better shape.


So that’s it for today! 🙂



Thank you Ellen! 🙂

Please DO join us in the sew along! We would LOVE to have you! PLUS don’t forget to share your progress pics with us and  join in the friendly chit chat! 🙂

If you haven’t got your copy of the Pick A Pocket Wallet pattern yet, you can grab it here!

See Part Two HERE , Part Three HERE and Part Four HERE!


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  1. This is really great, Ellen! 🙂 It’s nice how you’ve shared your methods for combining steps. I love learning things like that!

  2. Great post, Thank you so much!
    Just printed out the pattern, I will do my best to keep up with all the other 🙂
    Greetings from Switzerland

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