Two of Ellen's Pick A Pocket Wallets

Welcome to the Pick A Pocket Sew Along – Part Two! It’s so AWESOME to see how many of you have already joined in the fun BUT it isn’t too late to join in, if you haven’t yet! The sew along runs for a whole month and you can join in anytime! 🙂 So….now it is over to you, Ellen! 🙂



Section Two:

Retrieve your tab pieces/seam together / trim and pink curve (it will help it to sit better)   turn and press.. then top stitch.


Gather your Body lining / Body zip pocket and zip.

Gather Body pieces

Make zip to the required length. Following the instructions and measurements on the pattern. Draw your box and place in position (right sides together) onto the body lining, as stated on the pattern.

Constructing the Body Zipper Pocket

Seam around the box and cut on the line as per pattern.. Tip: I get a neater result by finger pressing around all seams before turning through.

The Zipper opening

Press well, gently pulling corners into shape.

The pressed Zipper Opening

Follow pattern directions to position and sew in your zip. Making sure you have the top in the correct position and your pocket will be sticking out from under on the left hand side. Also making sure your zipper pull is at the top.

Sewn in Zipper.

Flip over and fold zip pocket up and pin on three sides and seam together as per instructions, being careful not to catch the body lining.

Making the Pocket

Body Assembly:   Putting your body pieces right side together, making sure your T is at the top of both.

Body Assembly

Lining wrong side down together with outside body wrong side facing you. Pin all around leaving a 6” opening on the right side.

Leave an opening

Tip: I put both ouside pieces on a quilters square and make sure they’re square before joining them together. Also flip and trim zipper pocket so it doesn’t get caught in the seams.

Trim the Zipper Pocket

Sew body together keeping an even seam allowance.

Sew the Body

Trim and graduate seams. Not around the 6 ‘ opening.

Grade your seams

Turn out ..  gently pushing out corners to make them square so they’ll sit nice.

Push out corners

Give it a good press. Turn in the seam allowance along the opening and press neatly. This is where the tab will go soon.


Now it’s time to try your Decovil 1 or substitute stabilizer in for size. But before that I like to try it against the outside and give it a trim first if needed.

Test your Stabiliser for fit!

Now try it on the inside and adjust if you need to. Following the instructions attach the Tab to your stabilizer, taking care of which side you face up. Then re-fit into the body and when you’re happy with it and have all seam allowances pointing to the inside of the wallet.

Test for fit!

Press. Wonder clip and/or pin in place and pin  the opening in place. This will be seamed up later.

Clip in place

Following the directions insert the part of the snap that goes into the body, now… I did not….. as I’ve been to the shops 3 times now and forgot every time! Will get to that soon!!

How is everyone going? …Please come over to the event page and have a chat, especially if you need help. Even if you just want to show us a pic of how you are going!

So that’s it from me until tomorrow! 🙂



Thank you Ellen! 🙂

Please DO join us in the sew along! We would LOVE to have you! PLUS don’t forget to share your progress pics with us and  join in the friendly chit chat! 🙂

If you haven’t got your copy of the Pick A Pocket Wallet pattern yet, you can grab it here!

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  1. Ellen, Cool tios for keeping it all squared up. Enjoying following your guest posts for the sew along. I will be starting a bit late, but am delighted to have your posts to add to Chris’s excellent pattern and directions.

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