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Welcome to the Pick A Pocket Sew Along – Part Four and final part! What FUN to be getting this close to finishing! WOOHOO! So….let’s not waste any time and get back to work! 😉

Over to you, Ellen! 🙂



Hello again, well today is Section 4 and the last part of the series.  I hope that my ramblings have been helpful to some of you while making your new Wallet. Thanks again to Christine for having me here; I’m hopeful that she will have me back again.

So now we are going to make up the pockets that go on the left side of the wallet. This side has 2 options for pockets.  If you look at the cover photo on the pattern, you can see Option 1 has card slots and Option 2 has a zipper pocket.  First I will show Option 1 in the grey and then go through Option 2 in the navy lawn and linen.  Then carry on with the rest and final steps. Here we go…

Section 4:

I finally remembered to get Snaps; I know many of you that do snaps all the time have fancy equipment for snaps. But I don’t so I got these two different types to try. Plus a pick of my old trusty hammer and other bits I used. The pattern says to put the body snap on earlier but I’m just doing mine now and then forgot to take a

Snaps and Tools

Option 1: Retrieve CARD SLOTS C  ..if you haven’t pressed your card slots and interfaced them , then do that now. Top stitch each of the slots and baste sides as per pattern.

Card Pockets

Following measurements do the centre dividing line of top st.  Fold the remainder up behind and finish the pocket as per pattern. Checking the width on the body so it sits slightly over the body zipper pocket. Then close by top stitching down the right side to close.

Card Pockets

Option 2: Zipper Pocket CZ – Retrieve your 2 pocket pieces, bear in mind that you need to put the T at the bottom (see pattern picture) in front of you and that this piece will be the visible one that you will see when you open your wallet.( in case you are using two colours as I have).  Following the measurements draw your box. Place the other piece underneath, lining them up perfectly and pin together.

Option 2

Sew around your box/ cut along the middle line/ do a V at the ends. Finger press all around before turning/ Turn out and give it a good press with the iron/ make your zip to the correct length.

Option 2

Now make sure you lay it down in front of you with the T at the top/ sew the zipper in place making sure the pull is at the top/ then baste all sides.

Option two

Now folding the left side over to the right, matching the long edge/ seam together and trim seam.

Option two

Turning out: an easy way to turn out here is to open zipper half way and turn through zipper opening,


Trying it on the body for fit.. this is approximately where the pocket should sit. Now give it a good press.  Baste and secure ends as per pattern.

Option two

However as the story goes…. I made my daughter 40 serviettes for her wedding last year. The linen I used here is one of those serviettes (I cut one up). So this wallet is for her as a keepsake of the wedding and she wanted to see more of the inside zip so I took an extra 3 or so mm in the seam.

Oh Gosh not much left now.  From here I’ll be showing both options.

Grab your POCKET CB … and prepare as per pattern,  making sure it is the same width as your Option 1 or Option 2 pocket. Adjust in the seam allowance if needed.

Both Options

When you think you have that right, then follow instructions and seam ends together with 6 mm seam and trim back to 3mm.

Sew Seams

NOTE.. one side is longer than the other .

One side is longer than the other!

Turn right side out.


Give it a good press. Then check height against the body, as you can see my grey version was too long and I had to turn back and take a smidgen more in both seams.

Clip in place


Now we can put all the pieces together. Using your preferred method …Pin/ wonder clip / double sided tape…. secure your pockets onto the right and left sides of the body.


Flip over and top stitch three sides only (not the Tab side) being careful to  secure all pockets in place on the other side. ( I had to redo a couple of spots that I missed or had wonky stitching) Christine recommends doing some extra stitches at the top edge of each pocket which I think is a good idea.

Top stitching

Give it a good press and decide where you’re going to put the snaps on your Tab.

Install Snaps


…. and Tah Dah… you’re done.

Ta Da!

Well that’s it from me …….. I have had a Fantabulous time, thankyou Christine …………… Don’t be shy, come join us on the face book group page and get involved in the Sew a Longs… you’ll meet and make some great friends. Hooroo!




Thank you for all your hard, AWESOME  work, Ellen and I am looking forward to featuring more of your sew along posts in the coming months. I am sure we will be seeing a lot of fabulous Pick A Pocket Wallets in the Facebook group in the not too distant future! 🙂

Please DO join us in the sew along! It’s not too late to join in! You can join in anytime until we finish up on the 8h September! We would LOVE to have you! PLUS don’t forget to share your progress pics with us and  join in the friendly chit chat! 🙂

If you haven’t got your copy of the Pick A Pocket Wallet pattern yet, you can grab it here!

See Part One HERE,  Part two  HERE! & Part Three Here!


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