Marilyn's Pick A Pocket Wallet
Welcome to the Pick A Pocket Wallet Sew Along – Part Three! Over to you, Ellen! 🙂



Hello…. How are we all today? I hope you’re all well out there in fabric world, and your all sewing up a storm, or at least getting ready to. If you haven’t started yet, then you better get a wriggle on. Lol.

Welcome to the Third section of the Pick A Pocket Wallet Sew a Long. (That’s a mouth full)

I wanted to say a big Thank You to my friend and Designer Extraordinaire  Christine for having me on to help out with the Sew a Long. It’s my first time doing something like this, so please be kind to me with your feedback.. So here we go….

Section Three:

So we’re doing the pockets on the right side now.  Starting with the ID window,  following the measurements in the pattern, draw out your box/ mark your X / cut the lines / trim back. Then continue on with the pattern….

Prepare ID Window

My one TIP  for this is to cut a 1 cm strip of interfacing and wrap around the narrow ends … half a cm on either side and iron on,  stops those pesky little threads poking out and helps to keep the edges neat to sew down.

Ok so I’m not perfect..I made a yellow ID Window and hated my top stitching. So I cut another in the grey spot and its better.

ID Window

TIP: Check out Mel’s Alternative method of creating the ID Window HERE!

Card Slots A :  If  you haven’t already pressed and interfaced the folds, then do that now. I retrieved mine and top stitch each fold and baste in place at sides.

Now comes sizing it up against the body and adjust to fit.  And yes I know I have it on the wrong side and upside down at times sometimes that happens when you’re sewing around midnight..but the height is still the same on the other side it’s all good.


Place your ID window on card slots A at an even space to the slots. Now place both onto the body and turn in seam allowance at the bottom below ID window and adjust seam allowance at the top to make sure it is as close as possible in measurement to the body.

I adjusted mine at the top as you can see it’s just about 3 mm to long.


Now baste your ID window on. Then retrieve your Card slots A backing piece and do the same process with it turning in the seam allowance to match the measurement of the body and Slots A assembly.


As per instructions we can now seam the long sides together, take note they are different widths and after seaming together will look like this.


Carefully turn out to right side and press, all the time being aware that the ID window is plastic vinyl. Now remembering where the top is .. top stitch down the right side only.  Set aside.

Retrieve Pocket AB : I must admit I didn’t take many pics of this piece, but it’s easy to follow in the pattern. Just remember to check both the width to match the Card Slots A piece and the height against the body and Card slots A. This pic is card slots A on top of pocket AB, checking height.


When you have the size correct, then follow the pattern with the orientation of these two pieces and remembering where the top is …seam together down the left side only ( closing the open side of AB as you go).


Retrieve the body and remembering where the top is, position the right side of pocket to the right side of the body. Making sure  all the corners and sides line up. Pin or Wonder clip in place at the centre.  Now we have to lift the slots A up and fold back out of the way .. as in the picture ….


You can then put some wonder clips on to hold the AB pocket to the right edge of the body. We need to flip it over and top stitch that right edge only. Catching the body and AB pocket together at the same time as closing the body opening and securing the Tab as well. Now set aside.  This next pic is of the Navy wallet at the same point.


So that’s it for today……..happy sewing ……and I hope to see you for the last leg of our project tomorrow. Don’t forget to come say Hello on the Facebook page and  jump into the event and hang out.



A great BIG Ginormous (is that a word? LOL)  THANK YOU to Ellen for doing this for us!  She recons this is her first time doing this? Well all I can say is WOW….what an AWESOME job …It seems more like she has been doing this for yonks! Don’t you think?

Please DO join us in the sew along! We would LOVE to have you! PLUS don’t forget to share your progress pics with us and  join in the friendly chit chat! 🙂

If you haven’t got your copy of the Pick A Pocket Wallet pattern yet, you can grab it here!

See Part One HERE & Part two  HERE! Part Four HERE!


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  1. Ellen, could you please show us a photo of what you are describing with the little strip of interfacing to hold down the corners on the ID window. I’m not sure I understand what you mean with that.

  2. Hi Jacqui.. Sorry I don’t have a pick of the inside or I would of put it in. … But I’ll make one up later today and post it later. Thank you for reading my guest post for the sew a long.

  3. I need some direction to locate yesterdays post on Pick A Pocket. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks ladies

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