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Welcome to the Penny Inn Sew Along, with Ellen – Part Three A! Please DO join in the Facebook group Sew Along running in conjunction HERE! I know everyone is eager to get on with Part Three A, since we are a little bit late posting, … it’s straight over to you Ellen…



Well Hello again, I see on Facebook that some of you jumping ahead leaps and bounds.  YAY!!

I thought I might cut this into smaller sections…so I can get it out quicker. Since I’m a little behind.

So we’re up to making the sections to go inside. Starting with the ID window.

ID Window – I like to interface mine … I think it helps to strengthen the cut out corners a little, and makes it neater. So grab your ID window piece and vinyl and proceed to make up as per pattern. Chris also had a couple of different methods of doing the ID wallets on her blog recently by guest presenter Melanie Euhus, HERE & HERE ….well worth checking them out. Remember not to hit the vinyl with the iron or it’s all over Red Rover…loll… Can’t stress enough to use your pressing cloth as much as possible.

ID Window

Card Slots A – Retrieve your  prepared card slots now  OR measure and press and interface now. Top stitch the 4 interfaced tops, press and check length, should be 8 7/8” or longer. Baste 3 mm each side. Position ID window on card slots at same distance as card slots and if good baste at 3mm on the sides.

Card Slots

Card Pockets A Backing – Retrieve the backing piece and check the length of the Card Slots A against it. As you can see in my picture, mine is a little long and I had to cut a little off both ends.

Too Big + Trim

The Penny Inn
Join these two pieces together along the long edge, right sides together, using 1cm seam.  The backing piece is wider than the other. Now line up the other long edges together and seam them together.

The Penny Inn = Accurate measuring is the key!

The Penny Inn

The Penny Inn

Before turning out to the right side, if you lay it down with a seam on one side and lay the rest flat.(see photo) Now measure to see if it’s the right width … should be 3 ½”. Adjust seam if you need to and trim seams left side only as per pattern, when happy then turn out and give it a good press. I put a piece of paper in the ID Window to soak up moisture when ironing. Use a pressing cloth and be careful not to hit the vinyl.   After pressing top stitch right side only.

The Penny Inn

The Penny Inn

Pockets B1 and B2 – Retrieve your prepared B1 OR go ahead and measure/ press / interface by following the measurements in the pattern. Don’t forget to turn under your top seam allowance.  Top stitch all four interfaced pocket tops and press. Measure to find centre of card slots and sew a dividing line from top to bottom edge and baste down both outside edges at 3mm.  Finished length should be 4 1/5”. Press and set aside.

Retrieve your Prepared B2   OR go ahead and measure/ press / interface by following the measurements in the pattern.  Make sure the seam allowance is turned under both top and bottom, top Stitch the 4 pocket tops and press.  Before I baste the sides and centre line, I fold the bottom part back and up to meet the top with the wrong sides inside against each other. Check to make sure that it measures 3 7/8”. You may need to adjust the pleats or seam allowance. Now baste the sides and centre line and fold bottom up and top stitch the two top edges together and baste sides. Give it a good press. Set aside.

The Penny Inn Card Slots

Supplementary Pocket Option – If you would like to use the optional pocket ( instead of B1), it is relatively straight forward… I love this option (Available free in the files section of our Facebook Group)… its cute.  Seam (1cm) the 2 flap pieces, right sides together. I like to pencil in the curve for a nicer finish.  I do a second line of stitching close to the first,  and trim close on the straight and pink the curve. Turn/ roll the curve in your fingers to make sure it folds all the way out to the seam. Press/ top stitch as per instructions and baste top edge.

Grab both your Slip Pocket 1, right sides together ( I pencil in the curve)and seam just the top curved edge. I do a second line of stitching and pink close to it. Turn, press and baste sides and bottom.

Grab your Slip Pocket 2, fold in half and press, top stitched pressed edge.

Backing … just fold your seam allowance at the top to the inside and press.

Now we have prepared the pieces, its time to put them together.

The Penny Inn

The Penny Inn Supplement

Place Pocket 1 on top of Pocket 2, lining up bottom and sides and baste together. Sew in a dividing line in the centre of the curved pocket 1. Following the measurements in the pattern insert you underneath snap.

The Penny Inn Supplement

The Penny Inn Supplement

Place this assembly on top of the Backing piece, lining up the sides and bottom and baste around the edges. Now attach your flap as per the pattern,  using double sided tape or pins and top stitch along the seam.

The Penny Inn Supplement

Give it a good press. Now fold down the flap and mark where you want to put the outside snap. Using your tools, attach your snap, and its ready to install into the wallet.The Penny Inn Supplememt


Until next time,



Thank you Ellen, looking forward to our next installment! 🙂

Please DO join us in the Sew Along over in the Facebook Group events! We would LOVE to have you! PLUS don’t forget to share your progress pics with us and  join in the friendly chit chat! 🙂

If you haven’t got your copy of the Penny Inn Wallet pattern yet, you can grab it here!

The Penny Inn Supplement is available FREE in the Files section of our Facebook Group.

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