Hello everyone! Yes it is coming up to NEW pattern release time again and I need HELP in choosing a name! So here’s a peek at the bag:

No name bag

The ??? bag will be a stylish addition to your handbag collection. Featuring a front slip pocket for your phone or keys, a back zipper pocket and a recessed zipper closure. The spacious interior features 2 slip pockets, a pleated pocket and a pen pocket on one side. Plus you can choose to add another zippered pocket to the other side if you wish!

The base of your bag sports bag feet to protect your bag from dirt and wear. The bag also features optional side Grommets with Gate Rings which will allow you to add an optional removable adjustable cross body strap, secured via detachable hooks. Lots of gorgeous hardware (optional) and topstitching make this a very professionally finished bag. You will be the envy of your friends! Why not make them one too!

Approx. size: W 35.5cm X H 28cm X D 14cm (W 14” X H 11” X D 5 ¼”)

Ratings INTERMEDIATERated Intermediate.


Top view


Back view

Help me name my bag!

TO ENTER: Simply leave your name (Or names!) suggestion in the comment section below! PLEASE also leave your name ….PLUS….and this is REALLY important…a method of contacting you should you win!….HINT: I am leaning towards a name other than a persons name and not one describing the fabric! 😉

The Winner will receive a copy of the pattern PLUS a *lite Hardware kit containing the following hardware: 4 X 4cm (1 ½”) Inner Diameter Rectangular Rings, 1 X Metal Zipper End, 4 X 12mm (½”) bag feet, 18 X 8mm (cap) X 6mm (post) Rivets. *(You will need to source your own hardware for the adjustable strap if you choose to make it!)


Competition closes Sunday  27th September 2015! ………….and I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with! 😉

Oh and if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, now is the time to do it and get 20% off the pattern which will be released within a few days of competition closing! 🙂

Thanks everyone! 🙂


P.S. Please forgive me for not personally replying/commenting on all the comments and name suggestions for this post….if I did, I would be here all day instead of working on finishing up the pattern! LOLL….BUT rest assurred I READ and appreciate every single one of them! 🙂 Thank you!

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  1. Love the bag – am suggesting to name the bag “Blessings”. I have left my contact information in the noted boxes.

  2. The first thing that popped in my head when I read the description of the Bag details was “Pocket Majesty” It’s a glorious looking bag!

  3. I think it should be called ” Busy Lady” because of all the pocket the busiest ladies can stay organized .

  4. “Time To Go” bag! Looks like it will hold everything you need to go for a day of shopping, fabric shopping that is.

    Bellagio a very unique and beautiful place on lake Como in Italy.
    The Italians are very stylish.
    A whole range of bags could have Italian names

  6. I think it should be called Fantasia.
    That is,a,beautiful name for,a beautiful bag.
    I am retired, I have time and would love to test the making of this bag!

  7. The “Purse-onality Plus” Tote – because it looks like this purse offers tons of personality, plus unlimited “purse-onalization” options, and endless storage and organization possibilities. Can’t wait for the pattern release!

  8. First thing that popped into my head was “The Dumpster” because of all the necessary stuff you can just dump into it and go.
    Nope, I am not going to apologise… ha ha ha!!! I like it.. Is on my wish / want list.

  9. Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis or Aurora or Borealis or the Wanderer. Or the North Star Bag or Lets Have Fun or Dreamer

  10. “Kahuna”
    “Ka” means “the,” or “light,” and Huna means “secret,” but it doesn’t mean secret in the sense that it did when you were a kid. It means secret in the sense of “esoteric,” or “hidden” – as hidden from view. (as in all the neat pockets.)

  11. Beautiful bag! Since I like your bag names that are “names”, I’m going to suggest “Sophie”! My great grandmother’s name…and always one of my favourites 🙂

  12. I suggest the InToto bag as it totally has everything you need in a bag. You can contact me at my email address below.
    Currently working on the Lombard Bag – I’m very pleased with the great way it’s coming together.
    Pauline Carpenter
    Toronto, Ontario

  13. Coming up with a bag name is the hardest for me, but I’m working on it. So far:
    The Quintessential Carry-All, which I like but I’m going to keep working on more LOL

  14. suggests …
    “Melba” as a tribute to Melbourne. Whenever I go (being a country Victorian) I need a bag with room. Love your work!
    Email works for me

  15. The Ballerina Bag, it’s beautiful and elegant (could fit a tutu or two in it!) or The Sunshine Bag (it would brighten any day) or The Bellisimo Bag (cos its just beautiful)

  16. Must be my turn… I know it’s not supposed to be a girls name .. But I have “Georgia” on my mind and that has nothing to do with the fact it’s my dogs name… Lol.
    But seriously …. Something completely different ……. Heavenly Willow. Or
    Willow Tree ok so I used to like dancing around under the willow tree when I was a little girl, it made me think of that. Lol

  17. Pure Delight
    Proud to carry
    Safety first!
    Protected contents
    Fantasy in fabric
    9 – 5
    For everyday use
    Built for pleasure
    Made with love
    Ok, I think I’m done!

  18. I like Calypso for a non-girls name one (it seems just a little exotic, but still cute), or Chloe for a named one if you do choose to go that way.

  19. “The Bentley” named after the Bentley Hotel in NYC. A a “brilliant boutique” bag as exquisite as the ” a brilliant boutique” hotel.
    Dianna Rearrick
    p.s. I don’t know if my comment went through yesterday (my computer locked up when I hit send) so I am resending it.

  20. I was not sure if I sent this correctly the first time so I’m sending it again. I liked this handbag immediately and quickly thought it needed the name, ” ALL THAT JAZZ “! It is a really Jazzy looking bag ! I love it !!

  21. Let’s call it the “The Florentine Bag” – signifying something precious, rich, of great beauty and style. The Florentine Dome in Florence is an architectural wonder, not unlike Chris W patterns, which are all very cleverly engineered! Joyanne Tollis contact via email.

  22. The “Purse-onality Plus” Tote as the bag has tons of personality plus offers endless “purse-onalization” and organization options. Can’t wait for the pattern release😀

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