The Penny Inn

Welcome to the Penny Inn Sew Along, with Ellen – Part One! Please DO join in the Facebook group Sew Along running in conjunction HERE!.

Before we get started, please don’t feel intimated by the Penny Inn! While it does involve a construction technique that is different from most other wallet patterns on the market, (f you’ve made the Pick A Pocket Wallet than you will already be familiar with it!) it really isn’t as difficult as you may imagine and the results once you finish are simply outstanding! You will have a very professionally finished wallet you can be truly proud of! Nobody will believe you made it yourself!

With Ellen’s expert help plus the backup support of myself and the other admins in our Facebook group, you WILL succeed!

PLUS I’d be amiss not to mention the other amazing members of our group whom have already sewn their Penny Inn who are always happy to help out! Sew along with us, ask questions if you need to and above all else, have FUN!

You CAN do it!:)

Once again I am really happy to have Ellen on board and I am sure you will agree, she has done an awesome job setting up the following steps for us ……..Thank you, Ellen! 🙂


EllenWell hello everyone…. Here we are again …same place, but different pattern. Thanks Christine for having back again to help everyone out with the Penny Inn.

So….. the Penny Inn … I know some of you have been waiting a while. But the time is now here. First up ……. READ, READ, READ the pattern, this is very important. Even though some things will click as your making the wallet, it is important to have some understanding of the pattern before you start. Also I can’t stress enough that cutting accuracy is a must

Next gather your supplies:

Pattern – decide on if you’re going to use the pattern pieces or cut to the measurements. If by measurements, decide on inches or cm and try not to switch back and forth (did that once — doesn’t work). Cut out your paper pattern pieces and join any that need to be joined. TIP –I find it helpful to mirror image any pieces that are cut on fold and make full pieces. I also use any paper off cuts, I cut them up and keep to use as labels.   This pattern has a lot of pieces so I label every single piece of fabric ……… this will help in the long run.

Preparation needed for the Penny Inn!
VERY IMPORTANT to also mark each piece of fabric with the word top or a T where appropriate … As per paper pattern pieces.

Label the Tops - "T"
Pocket Option – choose which pocket option. Don’t forget there is a supplementary pocket option located in the files on chriswdesigns pattern group on Facebook. The original one is eight card slots and the other option is two small and two larger slip pockets with its own flap.

The Penny Inn - Option two available in our Facebook Group Files section
Fabric – you can choose to use 1/2/3 or more fabrics. My advice, for the first one stick to the recommended fabrics placement, unless you’re one of those adventurous types, or someone that has to change at least one thing in a new pattern. Lol


Tools – Some of us use different tools when cutting out and during construction.
Scissors/ Rotary cutter
Pins or paper weights ( I have several white rocks from a special beach from overseas)
Tape measure /rulers / it’s a good idea to have a square quilters ruler for squaring pieces off or you could use your cutting mat.
Cutting mat
A marker to mark your pieces that doesn’t fade and one that does.

Tools needed!
Hardware/zips – Flip lock or other lock of choice. Corners if you choose to use them, they do look awesome.  Snap of choice for inside tab and a second set if you’re doing the optional pocket.
Zips – three to coordinate with your fabric.

Hardware for the Penny Inn
Interfacing and stabilizers – cut out as listed. Please don’t be tempted to cut extra as you don’t need it. And keep it out of the seams as it does get thick towards the end.

Cutting out

SO if you are ready … Go ahead and cut out fabric and interfacing.
Fuse interface following the pattern instructions. Leave Decovil or substitute until during construction as instructed in the pattern (I wonder how many of you read that part….lol).

I like to prepare my card slots at this point also. My method is a little different from Chris’s and I’ve copied my instructions from my tutorial for the Pick a Pocket. However I have changed the measurements. Please feel free to choose whichever way works best for you.

“When I’m fusing, I also like to press my card slots now as well. You can do the card slots in various ways. This is one way…by using a small template made of cardboard from a fat ¼. I mark the required measurements on the cardboard and line up on the end (check to see if you need to turn under a seam allowance). Having the top on my right hand side, line the template up on the top edge at 4” line with right side of fabric facing up. Fold the fabric up and over from the left to the right at the end of the template and iron in place. Take the template out and position the 2.3/4” line on the left hand edge and fold the fabric back from the right to the left and iron the crease in, remove template and position the 3 ½” line on the right hand side and fold the fabric back again and iron …repeat with the last two measurement until you have 4 card slots. Then carefully give it a good press and insert your small pieces of interface and iron in place (please use a press cloth).”

Now you can use the same method to do Pockets B1 and B2, just fold under the seam allowance and make another template with the appropriate measurements. Another tip with the templates is to draw an arrow on it to show which end you’re measuring from.

Card Slots

OK ….so ….Preparation is the key here, I’m looking forward this week to seeing all your fabric choices and pictures of piles of cut out fabric on the Penny Inn Sew Along face book event page.

For those who will jump right in and make the wallet in one go, I hope to have all 4 sections up on Chris’s blog here by the end of the week. We’ve all been sick here so it’s taking me longer to do than originally planned. So I’ll see you in Section 2.

Thanks Christine… and Hooroo from Australia.

Signing off for now...


Thank you Ellen and I am sure everyone else will agree when I say to please take care of yourself and get well first, before you tackle the rest of the sew along steps!

Please DO join us in the Sew Along over in the Facebook Group events! We would LOVE to have you! PLUS don’t forget to share your progress pics with us and  join in the friendly chit chat! 🙂

If you haven’t got your copy of the Penny Inn Wallet pattern yet, you can grab it here!

You can find Part Two HERE, Part Three A HERE, Part Three B HERE, Part Four HERE


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  1. Woo, hoo and we are off….if I can just decide on fabrics. Thanks to Ellen for these nice tips and directions. I used her card slot method for my last Pick A Pocket and they worked great. Plan to do the same for this one. Just reprinted my pattern pieces on cardstock to help keep everything really straight and accurate.

  2. Thanks Judith for your kind words…. If you have any tips please share here or on the Facebook event page. I really value your opinion.

  3. Hi Sharon….You can find the corners at or if you wish to source them local to you, you can try somewhere that stocks scrapbooking supplies as you can often find them there! You can also find them from other sellers on Etsy. Hope this helps!

  4. I am looking for the pattern for the “Penny Inn” when I click on the links in this blog tutorial, it just shows a picture of the Penny Inn wallet. Where can I get a copy of the pattern? Thank you

  5. Können Sie Deutsch? öchte gerne das Schnittmuster im PDF runterladen wenn es geht. ? Wäre sehr nett. Mit freuntlichen grüssen Brigitte Weber

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