A whole NEW Sew and Sell Easy Street Pattern Range!

The NEW range has a whole NEW format which I think many of you are going to LOVE!

So what is so special about the new range? First and foremost, The PDF’s are short and sweet! Many of which will be less than 20 pages! Yet the instructions are still comprehensive and easy to follow!

These designs are PERFECT for Sew & Sell! While the designs are not aimed at beginners and assume some prior sewing and bag making skills, all of the designs will be stylish and quick sews compared to my regular range and suitable for yourself or for making as gifts, the best part is that they will be perfect for whipping up for selling at markets or an online store etc.

PLUS the new range will be super affordable too at only $6.95 each

But do you LOVE the old format? Don’t worry…..I have not given up creating my regular style of more challenging designs. The old format of patterns will remain for existing patterns and for any new more advanced designs that I will release in the future, for those that love a challenge – yet like plenty of help to get there!

Let’s take a look at the first TWO Easy Street designs:

Abby’s Alley is a super quick and easy project you can make in just a couple of hours. You will be whipping them up by the dozens for yourself and as gifts or to sell! Sporting 4 outside pockets and 4 interior pockets to keep you organised.

Perfect for the beach with some rope handles as shown here or dress it up with a pair of stylish leather handles to go out on the town!

Approx. size: 45.7cm W X 31.8cm H X 13.5cm D (18” W X 12 1/2” H X 5 ¼” D)


Brandt’s Boulevard is a super quick and easy project that you can whip up in a day or over the weekend.

It has 4 credit card slots, ID pocket, slip pocket for notes or bills, zippered coin section, smaller slip pocket and a phone slip pocket that will hold an iPhone 6 Plus or a ton of receipts.

Optional wrist strap completes the package! Were you intimidated by The Penny Inn and the Pick A Pocket Wallets? if so, You’ll LOVE this one!

Approx. size when closed: 18.4cm W X 10.8cm H X 2.2cm D (7 ¼” W X 4 1/4” H X 7/8” D)

So……lets’s take a look at some testers pics!

First up is Norma’s gorgeous Abby’s Alley:

Norma's Abby's Alley

Norma pre-tested and edited the pattern before I sent it off to the other testers. It’s amazing that even when I think I have found all my typos…a myriad of silly things (and sometimes big things! YIKES!) still exist! Pre-testing eliminates all the other testers having to repeat finding and relaying to me, the same silly mistakes….so when it is over to them, it comes down to looking for more important errors and possible improvements! Thank you Norma!

Norma has a blog HERE and also sells her gorgeous bags on Etsy HERE.

Next up we have Liz of Moments.

Liz's Abby's Alley

Liz's Abby's Alley

Liz’s work never ceases to amaze me….especially given that she tends NOT to READ the patterns at all! haha…love you Liz…..

Next up we have Nancy’s awesome Abby’s Alley. Lately I have been really loving the orange and blue fabric combos!

Nancy's Abby's Alley

Nancy's Abby's Alley

Aren’t the fabrics that Pat chose for her Abby’s Alley simply divine? I totally dig this!

Pat's Abby's Alley

Maria of Mia’s Creations never has a stitch out of place! (I challenge you to find one – go on ZOOM in!) Maria has been a bit AWOL lately in testing for me so I have to admit to have been as pleased as punch to have her on board testing for me! YAY Maria! 🙂

Maria's Abby's Alley

Next up is Judith….Judith only recently started testing for me and I must say she is FAST becoming someone I know I can TOTALLY rely on when I need a helping hand! Not only is her work perfect BUT she is a fabulous tester and friend too! You can check out Judith’s blog HERE!


Judith's Abby's Alley

Next up we have Meghan’s fabulous Abby’s Alley! The colours are just so soft and dainty in this bag! I LOVE it!

Meghan's Abby's Alley

Krista has created this wonderful Abby’s Alley in fabric that just beckons you to take it travelling! Man I have itchy feet right now!

Krista's Abby's Alley

Marilyn of Shades of Bold is another tester and friend that is totally indispensable to ChrisW Designs. I can always rely on Marilyn to spot things that nobody else does and her work is ALWAYS impeccable and totally GORGEOUS too!

Marilyn's Abby's Alley

Next up is Namrata’s Abby’s Alley…..There is something utterly STUNNING about this bag! Maybe it’s the pop of red at the top or the super COOL fabric on the pockets but whatever it is I totally LOVE it! 🙂 Namrata has a Facebook page HERE where you can check out some more of her fabulous creations!

Namrata's Abby's Alley

Katherine’s Abby’s Alley is SO fresh and cheery! I feel like it is calling me to go off on a picnic! LOVE it!

Katherine's Abby's Alley

Dee added some gorgeous ric rac trim to her pockets….and used some ready made handles too….WOW….I LOVE this!

Dee's Abby's Alley

Pat’s Abby’s Alley is another bright and cheery version, Pat has also used ready made handles and I think they look COOL on it! 🙂
Pat's Abby's AlleyOh golly gosh I just realised what a BIG job it is to write a blog post for not one but TWO patterns! My goodness! next up I am going to show you a whole swag of of GORGEOUS Brandt’s Boulevards but forgive me for not singing the praises for each one! I LOVE them all and I do think the pics will speak for themselves anyway!

Marilyn's Brandt's Boulevard

Maria's Brandt's Boulevard

Daryl's Brandt's Boulevard

Ellen's Brandt's Boulevard

Ellen's Brandt's Boulevard

Liz's Brandt's Boulevard

Katherine's Brandt's Boulevard

Pat's Brandt's Boulevard

Maria's Brandt's Boulevard

Namrata's Brandt's Boulevard

Namrata's Brandt's Boulevard

Robin's Brandt's Boulevard

Dee's Brandt's Boulevard

Judith's Brandt's Boulevard

Judith's Brandt's Boulevard

Pat's Brandt's Boulevard

Nancy's Brandt's Boulevard

Pat's Brandt's Boulevard

Pat's Brandt's Boulevard

Pat's Brandt's Boulevard

Pat's Brandt's Boulevard

Meghan's Brandt's Boulevard

Katherine's Brandt's Boulevard

Katherine's Brandt's Boulevard

Rachel's Brandt's Boulevard

Rachel's Brandt's Boulevard

Rachel's Brandt's Boulevard
Ellen's Brandt's Boulevard
Ellens Brandt's Boulevards

Judith's Brandt's Boulevards
PLUS…there are lots more Brandt’s Boulevard’s photos on my website so DO pop over to my shop on their individual product page and check them out! If I attempt to add them all here I will never get this post posted and the pattern launched!!

A great BIG HUGE thank you to ALL of my testers and proof readers and helpers in too many numerous ways to mention and too many names for this poor old brain to remember at this time of night! BUT…YOU know whom you are….I honestly couldn’t do this without you ALL! Ladies, you ROCK! 🙂

So….there you have it! The first TWO Easy Street Designs! I sure hope you like them! 🙂 You can find them in my shop HERE!


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  1. Fine blog! Thank you for your kind comments. It has been a privilege getting to know you and becoming friends.
    Testing for you has been a rewarding and delightful experience. Loved making both if these patterns and am sure others will love them too! Can’t wait for the next test!
    Will get my blogs written and up in the next few days. Congratulations on two new super designs!!!

  2. This is so exciting! You are talking my speak here, sometimes I just get overwhelmed by all of the pages that are printed. I also adore the hardware you used for your Abby’s Alley, square grommets? very cool!

  3. Congratulations on the first two Easy Street Patterns release……….. well received and lots of enthusiasm surrounding them, which is awesome for these great little patterns.

  4. The two new patterns are fabulous! The beautiful bags pictured are really an inspiration to me, I love looking at all the fabric combinations that make each bag look so different and unique.

  5. You are not alone….which is why I decided to do the new range!….I will still do some of the more detailed ones for those that love that style though BUT they are SO much work that it is nice even for me to do easier ones! 😉 YES…the square grommets are very cool! I LOVE them! 😉

  6. Congratulations on two beautiful designs and patterns. This post is truly a party for the eyes. So many pictures of beautiful work! Is so great to see all the different versions of a bag or wallet. Inspirational!

  7. Ilove the blingy look of Namrata’s wallet and also Katherine’s one with the words fabric! Your testers have really done justice to this super pattern!

  8. Thank you Norma….yes….for me that is the most FUN of all…seeing the designs made in so many wonderful fabrics! VERY inspirational indeed!  Thanks again for all your help too! 🙂

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