Welcome to the third post in our series of “Sharing Our Sewing Spaces”. In this series members of our Facebook Group will be sharing their sewing spaces with us!

Today we have Nancy from Wrapped In Love, sharing her space with us. Over to you Nancy:


Hello Everyone! I am Nancy and I live in a small town along the Mississippi River in Illinois! I have sewn since I was a little girl, my earliest memories were watching my Mother sew on her treadle sewing machine and me trying to make it go faster…. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have done about every craft you can imagine… I love knitting/sewing/DIY projects and everything I can do with my hands. My love for sewing was reignited a couple of years ago when I joined the Bag of the Month Club!

I have also started quilting.. My Sewing Room is a work in Progress since I am always looking for a better way. Here is a picture of my Cutting/Ironing Island. I recently purchased two IKEA Hemne Dressers and put them back to back! The height is great so you do not strain your back! My sweet hubby, cut a board and added an edging so it would stay put on top the dressers. I then covered it with batting and decorator fabric! I LOVE IT!! (The case on the right is a Billye Bookcase with glass doors from IKEA)

Nancy's Cutting Table

Since the above picture was taken I have added 3M stick on hooks to the end for rulers! I love how handy they are and easy to put away!!

Ruler Storage

Here is one of my sewing areas with some of my fabric stash…..

Sewing area and fabric stash!

Just to be real here…. I do like to keep it neat, but boy can I ever make a mess when I am sewing a project! I try to put it all away and clean it up when I am done… But here you see that I have a stack of stuff… I am getting ready to teach some tuffet classes. This one shows one sitting on the floor, but the pattern I am teaching is the Quick and Cute Tuffet….

I am also gearing up to teach the Genevieve Bag ( ChrisWDesigns) at a Fabric Shop in April. So sometimes I do have some things piled in a corner or on a chair… Oh and my yarn stash is housed in Billye Bookcases from IKEA…

Yarn Stash

Oh and one of my favorite spots is this closet made into a sewing station! It houses my Juki 2010Q… It will sew through most anything! Serger is on the shelf.

Sewing Station

There is another closet that my hubby put shelves into ….

More Storage

and behind that door on your right….are shelves with baskets, I usually put fabric lines together in a basket….

Shelves and baskets

Behind the door to the room is more hidden storage…. I have some Purse Handles hanging on hooks on the back of the door and Purse Hardware in little tilt bins! Makes it easy to find what I am looking for!

Handles and hardware storage!

For some reason people always ask about my irons… the black and white one is a Euro Steam… It is strictly a steam iron and you must empty it with each use… ๐Ÿ™ The Purple one is an OLISO and I really like this one! ๐Ÿ™‚ the red tray is just to make it look neater.


Oh and because I just did this today…. I like to repurpose old things sometimes and there isnโ€™t much that spray paint canโ€™t make pretty ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had bought an ugly metal picnic basket at an antique shop, so I spray painted it and put a sticker on it and put a quilting project in it…..

Repurposed metal picnic basket!

and those drawers in the island…. They hold a variety of things, fabric, interfacing, etc.

Fabric and Interfacing storage draws


I hope you have enjoyed looking at my Sewing Room, it is my getaway place that I love to go to!!
Happy Sewing!
Nancy – Wrapped In Love


Thank you for sharing your getaway space with us Nancy! LOVE it! You are so organised, I must say! Oh and I LOVE that cutting table of yours! Who am I kidding……LOVE your entire space! ๐Ÿ™‚

Would YOU like to share your space with us? Please email me christine@chriswdesigns.com for more info.  Anyone sharing their spaces will receive a FREE pattern of choice from my website shop for their trouble! Come on….be BRAVE! ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Nancy, I love your sewing space and all your cubbies for your stuff! I REALLY love your sign, “God is good all the time”, amen..

  2. Wow Nancy, you have a great space and so much storage. It looks like a wonderful place to disappear into and do lots of sewing. I think I recognise some IKEA furniture in there too, they have great options for crafters. I would totally share my space but I’m so messy lol

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