Welcome to the forth post in our series of “Sharing Our Sewing Spaces”. In this series members of our Facebook Group will be sharing their sewing spaces with us!

Today we have Angelina of Izume, sharing her space with us. Over to you Angelina:


A little embarrassing as it’s a hodge podge of a room.  Used for sewing, playing, and storing. The box under my finished bags is full of stuffing I re-purposed from a chair we threw away.  Baby items I need to get rid of.

Angela's Sewing Room

I have 1 and 7 year old girls, so can’t get away without toys somewhere.  I am usually a very organized person, but for some reason am very unorganized in my sewing room.  I want to get sewing done rather than get organizing done, lol.

Angela's sewing space

My cutting table is always has piles of fabrics for projects, half cut out projects, and patterns I really need to organize and put away.

Angela's Cutting Table

My fabric shelves desperately need refolding and organizing.

Angela's fabric Stash

A mess of a room, but it works for me!

Angelina – Izume Boutique, Izume on Facebook


Thank you for sharing your  space with us Angela! AWESOME! I LOVE your chair! Do I spy February’s Bag from the Bag of the Month Club on the left of the last photo? It is always nice for me to know I am not the only one with less than perfect organisation and lots of other non-related sewing items hogging space too. Although my kids are grown, somehow some of their paraphernalia always seems to find a way in to my space! 

Would YOU like to share your space with us? Please email me christine@chriswdesigns.com for more info.  Anyone sharing their spaces will receive a FREE pattern of choice from my website shop for their trouble! Come on….be BRAVE! 🙂


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  1. It looks like your well set-up and it works for you. You could make it all perfect…but pull out just one fabric then change your mind and BOOM, it gets untidy all over again. I’m suspicious of a perfect sewing/craft room. Lol 😊

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I start to clean up then get distracted and start picking out fabrics or start cutting something that’s been sitting for a while. I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfectly clean sewing room, just what works for each person.

  3. Ohhhhh I love your chair too! This is exactly what mine looks like when I’m in a sewing marathon …usually most of the time! Love it!

  4. Your room looks like a working sewing room. Mine is the same, it is only cleaned up for a moment before I start pulling fabric for the next project. Sometimes I cut ahead of time and have a pile of ready to go projects. Love your chair. It looks comfy! Thanks for sharing!

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