Welcome to the 10th post in our series of “Sharing Our Sewing Spaces”. In this series members of our Facebook Group will be sharing their sewing spaces with us!

Today we have Susan, sharing her space with us…….Over to you Susan:


Hi, my name is Susan and I’m from Clovis, California.  Junior high school is where I learned to sew and continued sewing off and on until my early thirties.  I quit sewing for awhile, but started up again and for the past few years my interest has been sewing bags, wallets, and other miscellaneous items.  I love it!  I make them as gifts or by request, but eventually I want to start selling what I make.  I also enjoy crocheting.  I have probably made an afghan for all my family and friends.  I work full time as a legal secretary and spend my weekends and some evenings sewing.


Welcome to my sewing space.  We bought the cabinets and laminate countertop at Home Depot.  The cabinets were unfinished, so my husband stained them and he and I hung them.  I had to place the rest of my fabric stash on the counter as the cabinets are full with fabric and pattern books.  I’ve put myself on restriction from buying any more fabric until I use up some of my stash.  We’ll see how long that lasts!  The sewing machine in the back I’ve had since my teens and it still works.


My husband and I ride Harley motorcycles, so in 2009 I purchased the Seiko industrial sewing machine and started a small business sewing patches and things on leather vests, jackets, hats, and anything else people want.  I use that machine about 90% of the time now to sew bags.  When the local Harley dealership has an event, I take my machine over there to sew patches.  The black tool cart is used to tote my thread and sewing tools.


My other sewing machine is a Viking Designer SE, which I also bought in 2009.  I use it to embroider and sew thinner fabrics like lining.  I have yet to use all its features, but maybe someday I will.  Some of my hardware is stored in the bins behind the machine and sewing and embroidery threads are stored in the plastic drawers to the right.


This machine is a Techsew 2900 that I purchased to be able to sew patches in tighter areas like sleeves and over pockets without sewing the pocket shut.  This machine also makes it easier to sew drop-in linings on bags.  Rather than turning the fabric, the presser foot can rotate 360 degrees.  My husband made the extension table, so I have a flat surface to use when needed.  He’s so handy!


This is my cutting table recycled from parts of two cashier stations from my husband’s work.  He screwed them together, painted them, and put a laminate top with trim.  Since I’m short, it’s the perfect height of 35”.  No more back pain!  All my printed patterns, some interfacing and vinyl are stored on the shelves and the drawers contain the rest of my hardware and some zippers.

Well, there you have it.  It’s a small space, but it works for me.  Thank you Chris for letting me share my sewing space!  Happy sewing everyone!


Thank you for sharing your space with us Susan. Your space may not be as grand in size as some BUT I can see a lot of creativity happening in there! I LOVE it! 🙂 

Would YOU like to share your space with us? Please email me christine@chriswdesigns.com for more info.  Anyone sharing their spaces will receive a FREE pattern of choice from my website shop for their trouble! Come on….be BRAVE! 🙂


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