Today I have yet another beautiful tester version of the Carriers Conquest bag to share with you. This one is by Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio. Daryl has been a long time tester and good friend of mine for a while now and sadly just recently lost her mom (I’ve been thinking of you the whole time Daryl)….so she ran a little late getting her tester bag done….Personally I find it amazing she was able to complete it at all, let alone so beautifully! …… So rather than add it to the tester blog post last minute, I thought it would be FUN and also cheer her up just a teeny little, to showcase her work in a blog post all her own!

I didn’t tell her I was going to do this so she has probably been thinking I just forgot to add her bag to my tester post but really…..look at her bag….whom could forget this:

Daryl's Carriers Conquest - My Bag of the Month Club's contribution for November

Amazing! I LOVE your bag Daryl! Isn’t the fabric just GORGEOUS and so cheery? Daryl received this fabric as a birthday gift from a good friend.


When making her cord pulls at the sides, Daryl used buttons instead of rivets and added beads to the ends of the cords. COOL!

Side View of Daryl's Carriers Conquest

Daryl also makes her own zipper pulls with beads. I just love this little ‘Hand Made’ hand bead:

Daryl's Carriers Conquest

Here is a top view of Daryl’s bag:

Top view of Daryl's Carriers Conquest

Filled with goodies:

Daryl's Bag's Interior

Daryl's Carriers Conquest interior

Here’s another of Daryl’s handmade zipper pulls:

Another cute zipper pull

This bag is great for showcasing bigger prints or special fabrics:

Daryl's sunny Carriers Conquest!

Thank you so much for testing for me Daryl…..I always look forward to having you test for me….not only for your eagle eyes in spotting my boo boos BUT also just for the sheer pleasure of seeing what you create with my latest pattern! 🙂

If you would like to see more of Daryl’s work, please DO pop by and take a look at Patchouli Moon Studio!

The pattern is exclusive to the Bag of the Month Club and will not be available separately until May 2017.

Not a member yet? Please join us by signing up for membership HERE! The good news is you will not only receive The Carriers Conquest BUT also 5 other patterns by 5 other top notch designers! One of which is still yest to be revealed!  ðŸ™‚


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  1. Oh Christine I just now saw this posting! Gosh how sweet of you to be thinking about me and to make such a lovely post about the Carriers Conquest that I tested for you. What a pleasant surprise to see this posting. Hugs to you!!!

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