How to make Straps like these!

Hello everyone! Can you believe it is almost June?….JUNE! YIKES! The year is FLYING by! I do hope everyone has been busy sewing up a storm! I know I have! I am just finishing up my contribution to the Bag of the Month Club. Would you like a little sneak peek?


I can hardly wait to show it ALL to you BUT….for now it is still a secret….don’t you just love secrets? <BIG GRIN>!

OK….so enough rambling from me! Today I have a FUN guest post from the ever lovely and FUN Ellen of Things by Ellen. Ellen is going to share with us how she makes her COOL straps….Over to you Ellen:


 Pic of Ellen

Hello everyone. I’m back with a quick variation on the bag straps. Just slicing in a little of the main fabric .. jazzing it up a little. Lol




So..  I don’t add an exact size piece .. it depends on what I have available. But usually between 17″ and 22″. Don’t forget to allow your seam allowance, cut the rest of the strap so that it will finish around 60″. The contrast piece needs to go at the non-adjustable end. Because the join can be a little thick, and you don’t want to have to be trying to move the slider over the thick part.


This is where your cutting mat comes in useful. I line the the main strap piece up with the horizontal lines on the mat. As seen in the picture.


The diagonal lines on the mat will give you the perfect mitre angle… line it up using your ruler and cut along the diagonal line.


Don’t forget to interface all pieces.

Grab you contrast piece and line it up on the mat and slice or just draw a line on the diagonal… making sure it’s the opposite angle to the main fabric.


Now with right sides together .. join the two pieces on the angle. I like to pin first to make sure that when it’s folded out straight… that it lines up straight along the two long sides.

When your happy with it .. seam together and trim excess if you haven’t done it already. Press and repeat with the other join. . Of course you could also do the strap with the main at one end and contrast at the other end. Just using two pieces and one join.


When all joined. Attach your fleece and fold and press strap as usual and finish strap as you would normally.



Thanks for dropping in to have a read and hope to see you in the Facebook group or Instagram and post a pic for us to see.




Thank you so much for sharing that with us Ellen! If you would like to see more of Ellen’s work, pop over to her Facebook page HERE. You can also find Ellen on Instagram HERE.

Happy stitching!


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  1. Thank you Daryl .. yes great minds think alike. That’s how I started doing them too, not enough of the main fabric lol. I’ve been doing straps this way for 2 or 3 yrs now, I did the tutorial in May this year after a few people asked how to do it. It’s good that we share our ideas. 💓

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