Today we have another guest post from Karen to share with you! This one is all about Personalising a Gizmo Garage! Over to you Karen:


A new florist opened up in the next village and once we got talking I was soon making her a couple of cushions for the shop with her logo on.  Not long afterwards she asked if I could make her a bag to carry her laptop and paperwork when she visited brides to discuss wedding flowers, also with her logo on.  I immediately thought of the Gizmo Garage, which would do everything she wanted and had two flaps for logos!

The Gizmo Garage by ChrisW Designs

The Gizmo comes in three sizes and after measuring her laptop we decided the Medium one would be the best size. Next I ordered the fabric, a luxury faux suede in New Grey and Hot Pink and for the lining a pink and white stripe AND a beautiful pansy print from my stash!  I read through the whole pattern, then did my usual outline drawings but of both the front AND back this time as the second flap is on the back.

Gizmo CollageOnce I had decided how to arrange the fabrics I coloured the sketch in, to help with the cutting out as a visual guide is always helpful.  Then it was just cutting and fusing and following Christine’s instructions with just a couple of additions.

Scan_20170607 (2)The first was changing the strap as I too like to jazz it up just like Ellen in her recent tutorial! As I had plenty of  material my method for dividing the strap was basic.  I cut a pattern piece 40mm (1.5″) longer than the pattern to allow for 4 seam allowances of 1cm (3/8″) for both sides of 2 joins. Then I folded it in 3, and centred my quilting ruler’s 45 degree line on the fold line, and cut.

Making a Strap
I have used this faux suede before and normally it resists pressing, but this time I had my new secret weapon, a Treated Pressing Cloth!  Christine sung the praises of her Rajah Cloth on Instagram recently and I was jealous! I complained they were not available here in the U.K. but was told to buy the Hemline Pressing Cloth as it was the same!I have to say it is marvellous, and my faux suede is behaving now!


The next addition is when you reach Step 9 MAKE FLAP – this is where I add the logo appliqué before going any further.  The logo on her business card had to be enlarged 400% then traced. I write RIGHT SIDE and WRONG SIDE on the paper to prevent accidents, and trace the design onto Bondaweb (Wonderunder) from the WRONG SIDE.

Making the Flap for the Gizmo Garage
Once the petals are cut out and the paper backing removed I lay the RIGHT SIDE tracing centred on the Front Flap Decoration piece, and use a pair of long tweezers to place the petals in position underneath. I can then lift the tracing off and fuse in place with the iron. I use a zig zag stitch for my appliqué starting with the stems, then the ribbon, then the flower head. Then I add each colour petal to finish.

Applique on the Gizmo Garage Flap
Then it is on with the instructions until Step 12 MAKE IPAD POCKET FLAP and again add the applique, this time to a slightly smaller scale, then traced it as before.  Here is the finished bag, front and back:


To give you an idea of size here is a full length shot (I am 5 foot 3 inches) and one of me holding it by the Grab Handle:



Thank you so much Karen for another awesome post! You can read more of Karen’s posts over at Sew What’s New HERE and visit Karen on Instagram – @auntystitches

Happy Sewing! 🙂


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