I can hardly believe I am finally able to share my new pattern with you! I started off only planning to do one small size, perfect for a little girl BUT as is the norm for me, I ended up complicating things and making three sizes….so of course, that took a little (Ok a LOT longer) to get it all sorted BUT YAY! I am done now!

It probably took me more time to decide on the name from all the entries in the Bag Naming Competition, than to design the bag! Well it feels like it anyway! Ha! BUT….with a little help, we now have a winner and a name! DRUMROLL…..

The Bodacious Bowler Bags! Thank you Cynthia-Lynn from over in our Facebook Group! I will be in touch with you shortly to arrange your collection of the pattern PLUS two others of your choice from my pattern shop! Thank you so much! 🙂

The Bodacious Bowler Bags - A ChrisW Designs Designer Bag Sewing Pattern

OH and the good news is, if you like the Little Girl Cartoon machine embroidery on the two children’s sizes, the files are available to purchase in my shop too and are exclusive to ChrisW Designs! The artist is my daughter when she was a child. I thought her drawings were so cute and appealing for children and would look great on things for kids….so I had one professionally digitised and here it is!

Girl Cartoon With Stars Embroidery

I hope you like it! It’s available in two sizes. Approximately 3″ tall and 4″ tall. 🙂

OK….back to the bag….


The Bodacious Bowler Bag is a stylish bowler bag which comes with 3 sizes included. Two smaller sizes perfect for little girls plus a larger mummy size. All versions feature a front slip pocket perfect for featuring your favorite embroidery design or fabric. Inside you will find a zipper pocket and a slip pocket. The large size also features a quick access exterior phone or key pocket. Vinyl or Cork accents and straps complete the picture.

Finished sizes: SMALL: Approx. 21.5cm W X 17cm H X 8cm D (8 ½” W X 6 3/4” H X 3 1/4” D)
26.5cm W X 20cm H X 10cm D (10 ½” W X 8” H X 4” D)
32cm W X 24cm H X 13cm D (12 ½” W X 9 ½” H X 5” D)

Let’s look at the testers versions. All of which I LOVE! The testers have all done an amazing job! Thank you Ladies!

First up we have Judith of Judith Stitches with a Large:

Judith's Large Bodacious Bowler Bag

Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio with Large:

Daryl's Large Bodacious Bowler Bag

Maria of Mia Creates.  Maria made the small one for use as a cosmetic bag. What a great idea! It’s the perfect size!

Maria's Small Bodacious Bowler Bag

Tara with a Large- UhOh Creations

Tara's Large Bodacious Bowler Bag Tara's Large Bag back view
Tara's Large Bodacious Bowler Bag - Interior View

Judith of Judith Stitches made a second one, the Small size:

Judith's Small Bodacious Bowler Bag

Next up we have Heather who made the Small: Her gorgeous Grandson has claimed the bag! 🙂

Heather's Small Bodacious Bowler Bag

Sheila has made the Medium:

Sheila's Medium Bodacious Bowler Bag

Barbara made the Small. Such a gorgeous model!

Barbara's Small Bodacious Bowler Bag

Yanna of Bags By Hoana made the Medium. Another gorgeous Model!

Yanna's Medium Bodacious Bowler Bag

Lisa of the Sewing Cabin Shop made the Small: WOWZA FOUR gorgeous Models!

Lisa's Small Bodacious Bowler Bag

This one is pf Lisa’s granddaughter Emily who was on her way to a birthday party and insisted taking the bag to carry the card and present in. LOVE this photo! 🙂

Lisa's Granddaughter Emily

Sheryl made the Medium: Another gorgeous Model!

Sheryl's Medium Bodacious Bowler Bag

Diane made the Medium:

Diane's Bodacious Bowler Collage

Natalia also made the Medium: What can I say….yet another gorgeous Model!

Natalia's Medium Bodacious Bowler Bag

Rachel of Tiger In a Tornado made the Large:

Rachel's Bodacious Bowler Collage

Ellen of Things by Ellen made the Large:

Ellen's Large Bodacious Bowler

Last BUT definitely not least, this Medium one is by Pat….

Pat's Bodacious Bowler Collage

What can I say! I think all these gorgeous models are stealing the show away from the bags! 🙂 Great work girls! 🙂

The Bodacious Bowler Bag pattern is available in my shop NOW by clicking HERE!  Also available separately are the Embroidery files for the Girl Cartoon featured on the bags. You can find those HERE! Watch for more designs coming soon….


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