WOOP! I am super excited to let you all know that my new Aussie supply website is up, complete with my PDF patterns in AUD too!

I am still fine tuning the site and there are some funny little 1 cent discrepancies showing up in the cart when buying certain quantities of things but I am hounding tech support to fix it….even though its usually only a cent or two and mostly in your favour, it looks unprofessional so I hope to have it sorted soon!

Please DO browse the website and let me know if you spot anything else amiss!

CWD Aussie website Screenshot

The GOOD news is I have added Decovil 1 and 3 sizes of Wonderful Clips which are available NOW! The clips are super good quality at a fraction of the price of the branded WonderClips. I’ve thoroughly tested them!

I have a swag of other stuff coming too, including Stiff Stuff for Chloe’s Court!….. but with Xmas delays I am not sure when it will all arrive….some of it next week, I hope!

Decovil I Available in Aus!

Wonderful Clips - Small

Wonderful Clips - medium

Wonderful Clips - large

I hope you like the new website! My aim is to make it your one stop shop for all your bag making interfacings and notions requirements for your bag making endeavours. Please DO join my new Facebook Group for chatting supplies! I am open to suggestions if you are having a hard time finding anything for your bag making endeavours!

Happy Sewing!


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