WOOP! I am super excited to be able to advise that the Factotum & Minifacto, my contributions to the 2017 season Bag of the Month Club, are in my shop now! It’s really amazing how fast that 6 months has flown by! Soooo much has happened in the last 6 months….BUT I don’t want to think about that…..it’s time to celebrate the release of the patterns! YAY!

The Factotum & Minifacto by ChrisW Designs

If you missed all the juicy details and tester photos you can take a look HERE to see them!

PLUS let’s take a look at just a few of the COOL Factotum’s that popped up in the Bag Clubs Facebook Group:

By Angelina

By Chloe

by Dawn


By Hilari

By Kat

By Nancy

By Pamela

By Sheree

By Rebecca

By Audrey

By Sherry

And how about some cute Minifactos:

By Angelina

By Annie

By Paula

By Lynn

By Kelly

By Debbie

By Patti

By Chera

You can grab the patterns over in my website shop NOW! 🙂


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  1. Hi
    I really really love your patterns, I am a very new bag maker and I find my biggest problem is knowing what type of fabrics to use. I have used curtain fabric on most if my bags are your bags made with this type if fabric or is it heavy cottons ( or other). Please can you help.
    Regards Glen

  2. Typepad HTML Email
    Hi Glenis….My patterns all have suggested fabrics included….usually I design with Quilting cottons in mind, because they are readily available, HUGE range of designs to choose from and easy to work
    with for most home sewing machines. I only suggest moving up to other fabric types and leather, pleather or vinyl after you have a bit of bagmaking experience under your belt. Hope this helps!

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