YES! It’s that time again! What ‘time’ you may ask? NEW pattern release time! YAY! My latest Easy Street Pattern, Gabbie’s Grove:

Gabbie's Grove - A ChrisW Designs Easy Street Sewing Pattern

Gabbie’s Grove is a super quick and fun sew creating a unique, versatile foldover bag which you can use as a tote:

Gabbie's Grove by ChrisW Designs - A PDF Bag Sewing Pattern

Or fold it over and use as a shoulder or crossbody bag:

Gabbie's Grove. An ChrisW Designs Easy Street Bag Sewing Pattern
Or put your arm through the Top Body Strap and use as a large clutch:

Gabbie's Grove - A ChrisW Designs Easy Street Bag Sewing Pattern

You can even wear it as a foldover backpack just by looping your adjustable strap through the Top Body Strap:

Gabbie's Grove - A ChrisW Designs Easy Street Sewing Pattern

Or loop through the Handle Straps for a full tote backpack:

Gabbie's Grove - A ChrisW Designs Easy Street Bag Sewing Pattern
However, this foldover is not your ordinary rectangular flat foldover bag as it has a super cute and unique shape which gives you a nice roomy main compartment. On the exterior back you will find a phone or key slip pocket for quick access:

Gabbie's Grove - A ChrisW Designs Easy Street Bag Sewing Pattern

….and on the front, a zipper pocket which is hidden when you fold your bag over.

Gabbie's Grove - A ChrisW Designs Easy Street Bag Sewing Pattern

The lining is beautifully fitted and two magnetic snaps close your main compartment to keep everything nice and secure.

Gabbie's Grove - A ChrisW Designs Easy Street Bag Sewing Pattern

Finished size: Approx. 36cm (14”) W at widest point X 38cm (15”) H when unfolded or 23cm (9”) H when folded X 10cm (4”) D at the base.

So just what is an “Easy Street” pattern? Just to recap:

Our Easy Street Patterns are relatively quick and easy to make, yet still retain some pretty COOL features ChrisW Designs is renowned for, making them more than just a run of the mill design. However they are not aimed at beginner bag makers as they do assume some prior sewing skills and previous bag making experience. Primarily these patterns are aimed at the Sew & Sell maker looking to add some unique & stylish designs to their inventory being less time consuming to make than our ‘regular’ range of designs. They also make great gifts or a satisfying quick sew just for FUN!

Note: Easy Street Patterns have smaller PDF’s and as such provide cutting measurements only for rectangular pieces and do not have a text only version at the end.

A great BIG HUGE thank you goes out to all of my fabulous testers! Without my testers I could not do this job! So a big round of applause goes to them for helping find all of my silly boo boos! Without further delay, lets have a look at their gorgeous versions:

First up we have Marilyn of Shades of Bold:

Marilyn's Gabbie's Grove

Judith of Judith Stitches:

Judith's Gabbie's Grove

Chera of Phipody:

Chera's Gabbie's Grove

Chera's Gabbie's Grove

Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio:

Daryl's Gabbie's Grove

Krista’s Gabbie’s Grove:

Krista's Gabbie's Grove

Susie of Twirl Girl Boutique:

Susie's Gabbie's Grove

Pat D’s Gabbie’s Grove:

Pat D's Gabbie's Grove

Cheryl of Cheryl’s Quilts & Crafts:

Cheryl's Gabbie's Grove

Pat M’s Gabbie’s Grove:

Pat M's Gabbie's Grove

Gena of Genycartes

Gena's Gabbie's Grove

Rachel of Tiger in a Tornado:

Rachel's Gabbie's Grove

Laura of Sew Deluxe:

Laura's Gabbie's Grove

Sas – Facebook HERE!

Sas's Gabbie's Grove

Diane of Bayou Bags:

Diane's Gabbie's Grove

……..and Last BUT definitely not least, Ellen of Things by Ellen:

Ellen's Gabbie's Grove

So…..Ellen decided to have some FUN with her Gabbie’s Grove! She added a zipper pocket and some slip pockets AND….wait for it…..a Zipper closure! Now the BEST part is I have twisted her arm and she has agreed to write a blog hack for us! For both the Zipper closure and the extra pockets! How COOL is that!? So watch for that coming to the blog soon…….

Ellen's Gabbie's grove Hack

The pattern for Gabbie’s Grove is available on the website NOW!

Happy Stitching!


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  1. I think this is s great pattern, such a fun sew! Nice size bag and so much inspiration in your testers pictures

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