Today I have a FUN hack guest post by Karen to share with you! So COOL! Over to you Karen!


The Gemini Pouch is a free pattern available to members of the ChrisW Designs Facebook group and when I was browsing the pictures of pouches made by testers I came across the hack Robin had made to make it fit in a ring binder.  I decided this would be a fun project for me to attempt, just in time for Christmas!

Robin's Gemini Pouch

1.  Cut out your insert using a Front pattern piece.  As I am using vinyl I copied it so I could cut it out flat, not on the fold.

Gemini Pouch - A free ChrisW Designs sewing pattern
2. Fold in half lengthwise, right sides together, and clip (or pin if you use a woven fabric.  Stitch the seams at both ends with a 3/8″ seam.  Clip corners and trim seams.  Turn right side out and press (using a pressing cloth so as not to melt the vinyl!)

Step 2 - ChrisW Designs Gemini Pouch Hack
3. Baste the long open side closed and topstitch the other three sides.  If you are sewing with vinyl use your teflon or walking foot, or cover the base of your foot with masking tape to prevent it sticking.  Set aside for now.


1. Follow the instructions for making the pouch up to Part 5 ‘Prepare Zippers’ Step j).  Here Christine gives a TIP and you DO want both of your zippers to open from the same side!


2. Carry on to Part 6 ‘Assemble Pouch’ Step b) and stop

3. Turn your pouch so the two closed zipper pulls are at the top, and decide which side you want to add the insert  i.e. if you want the pouch to face the right or the left.  It is important to get this right, guess how I know! Then pin the other side leaving a 5″ gap for turning and stitch.


4. Take the insert and slip it inside the remaining open side, right sides together and matching raw edges.  Pin or clip and stitch in place.  Clip corners and trim seams.  Follow step d) to h) to complete pouch.

The Gemini Pouch Hack - A FREE ChrisW Designs sewing pattern
(If you are wondering about the message on the sticker, it says IS THE THREAD GUIDE UP? on my Janome 6600 Pro!) 

4. Press under 3/8″ on both sides of the remaining open side.  I used double sided tape to hold them flat. Turn the pouch right side out.  Add a strip of DST along the basted edge of the insert, just inside the seam line.  Repeat on other side and slip insert inside and press to hold in place.

Gemini Pouch - A FREE ChrisW Designs sewing pattern

Topstitch around all four sides.  If you wonder why there are two versions, when I put my insert in the wrong side the first time I had to take it apart and do it again.  Second time round I tried a different way!


Use your ring binder to measure and mark where you want your grommets/eyelets.  Robin used large grommets, I have gone for the smallest size that would fit, 5mm.  I used a pack by Prymm as it includes everything you need apart from the hammer!

Gemin Pouch Hack - A ChrisW Designs FREE sewing pattern

So here is my finished pouch.  I used a linen look fabric, and Vilene H640 fusible fleece and it has made my pouch quite puffy compared to others I have seen, so I guess I should have used the lighter weight H630 and a quilting cotton for a more slender effect!  It is not as great as Robin’s version, no “Pow”, “Zap” or “Biff”, but now I know how to do it I can risk buying some fun cartoon strip fabric!

Gemini Hack - A FREE sewing pattern by ChrisW Designs

Gemini Pouch with Grommets Hack


Thank you Karen! The Gemini Pouch is a FREE pattern available to our Facebook Group members. You can find it in the files section of the group.

You can read more of Karen’s posts over at Sew What’s New HERE and visit Karen on Instagram – @auntystitches You can find all the above sewing patterns HERE!

Happy Sewing! 🙂


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