Soooo…thinking about the fact I want to do more videos (and who knows, maybe even go live someday! lol) I decided that I am going to try and do a regular (Well I am not sure just how ‘regular’ regular will be for me but I’ll do one when I can!) update video for YouTube. Since I rarely have anything very intelligent to say, I am calling these little videos, “My Ramblings”.

Would you like to check out my first one? Please click on the image to go to it on YouTube:


If you enjoy the video, please “Like” it so I am inspired to keep on making more AND please click the bell so you are notified when I add new videos! 🙂

Do you have a sewing companion? Someone who keeps you company, never judges you and loves you no matter how many snipped threads are covering your floor before you get around to vacuuming? I have 4 sewing buddies….Kenny, my Siamese, whose favourite place to sleep is in my basket of zippers up on top of my fabric cupboard….you can see a pic of him on my website….on a desktop or laptop, click the 3 lines at the top right hand side of the website. MOST people miss seeing this and don’t realise he is there, did you? LOL

….and my 3 shadow Caveliers, (from left to right) Zaeda, Harry & Ella:

Zaeda -Ella-&-Harrysml

I can’t take a step without them trailing behind me! You will often hear Zaeda snoring in the background of my videos!

Eye Candy!

OK….so if you watched my rambling video I think that’s enough gum flapping from me this week so I am going to go straight into sharing some eye candy! First up, how GORGEOUS is this Bella II by Sandy. I just LOVE her fabric combinations:


How STUNNING is this Daryl’s Drive by Annelie:


How about this super COOL Sugar & Spice by Jessica:


Laura of Totes Adorbs made another Emma:


Rona made an Emma, too:


Joy made this FABULOUS Stow it All Tote:


A ton more Allure’s have been making their appearance, too. Here is one by Betty of Millie’s Daughter Boutique:


A side view of Betty’s Allure:


Bev made an Allure, too:


…and so did Christine:


Don’t forget that The Allure also has a Video Course option! PERFECT for those that are more visual!

Tanya made a Fiona’s Freeway…


AND she has been playing with mish mashing a Minifacto and a Bella II together. How COOL is this:


Rae made her first Penny Inn following the videos.…she used scraps and she is thinking it is less than perfect…..hmmmm….looks PERFECT to me!!:


Here is a shot of the interior:


Yes, you read right, The Penny Inn also comes with a Video Course option, too! 🙂

I could go on and on with adding everyone’s photos BUT I would be here all day and I am eager to get back to my pattern editing! 😉

Until next times ramble….Happy Stitching!



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