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For those of you that have The Podium and have just been filing it for ‘one day’ now is the time to drag it out of hiding! Laura, our wonderful Facebook angel is sewing a Podium and while she is at it, running an unofficial sew along….maybe if she gets enough interest and we all tell her how wonderful she is, she may do some official sew alongs for us too! Wouldn’t that be wonderful! 🙂

Dianne's Podium

Dianne’s Podium

Of course if you haven’t got the pattern yet, you can grab it and join in too! Pop of over to our Facebook group HERE. Grab the pattern HERE.

I’ve also been rambling…..I have to admit when I get in front of a camera, my brain just goes blank! LOL One would think it should be easy to just chatter away BUT ….well….lets just say I need more practice! Haha! Anyway….here it is if you would like to take a look:

Eye Candy!

Just LOOK at this AMAZING Fiona’s Freeway by Sherry of Sew Purse-Nickety BagsBySherryT

Sherry's Fiona3

The PERFECT bag for the bike riding enthusiast!

https://chriswdesigns.com/product/fionas-freeway-pdf-pattern/Sherry's Fiona's Freeway - A ChrisW Designs sewing pattern

Tara made this AMAZING Gabbie’s Grove:


Gabbie’s Grove is so versatile. You can use it in lots of different ways. Carry it as a Tote:


Gabbie’s Grove is the perfect convertible!


Cheslia’s Allure and Pick a Pocket wallet set:



Kristina’s Serendipity Hip:

Kristina 1

Allison’s Sugar & Spice:


Oh….and I just HAVE to share this! Kim’s Penny Inn took Best in Show in the Fat Quarter Challenge at the Medina County Fair!  (Everyone had to make something with the same fat quarter, which the fair provided) how COOL!:


Remember The Penny Inn is available as a Video Course option too, so YOU can make a show winning Penny Inn of your own! 🙂 (The PDF comes included with the video course)

Honestly I could go on and on sharing! There are so many GORGEOUS CWD makes being stitched lately it absolutely BLOWS my mind how talented everyone is! BUT….I have to get back to working on my new pattern……. 🙂

You can see more of my crazy videos, helpful sewing videos and free pattern tutorial over at my YouTube channel HERE!

Until next time….Happy Stitching!



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