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WOOP! What FUN we are having over in our Facebook Group Event. We are running a Colour Challenge this month, headed and organised by our lovely admin Marsha, and while it has already started, there is still plenty of time for you to join in! (Check the pinned post in the group for the link to the event!)

Classic Blue, Pantone 19-4052
#COLOUR2020 <— colour with a U.

PANTONE 19-4052 TCX Classic Blue
We would love to see what CWD fans can do with a simple, but popular, colour so we are throwing down the gauntlet.
The challenge is to make a bag that highlights or showcases the Pantone colour for 2020 (Classic Blue) in inventive, unexpected, clever ways.

Make a bag in 3 weeks using one of the 3 eligible patterns — Emma, The Snazzy Slouch and/or The Factotum — and show it off.

Even if you don’t win a prize, you still win for using your creativity and ingenuity, and being proud of your work. Right? Right??

The following three bags are all made for the challenge by Sandy AKA Cheslia (On Facebook) of Daywalker Customs. Aren’t they GORGEOUS? Too bad she’s an admin and not eligible to enter. But you can let her inspire you.


Ratings BASIC Emma (above) is rated BASIC – These bag patterns are relatively quick and easy BUT assume some prior sewing knowledge.

Snazzy Slouch

The Snazzy Slouch (above) is rated INTERMEDIATE – These bag patterns require a little more time and patience and assume you have some bag making experience or are an advanced sewer.


Ratings ADVANCEDThe Factotum (above) is rated ADVANCED – Are you looking for a challenge? These bag patterns can take a lot longer to work through and can be quite challenging and suitable for the advanced bag maker. Please do not attempt these patterns if you lack patience and do not have time to devote to the project!


Why 3 patterns? For this challenge, we want you to focus on colour play and not technical ability. There are 3 patterns that cover 3 levels of difficulty because we want you to choose one based on your personal experience and level of comfort with sewing bags. That way, it won’t be about the complexity of the bag or your ability to sew straight; it will be about the use of colour.

PLUS, Amanda, another of our lovely Admins, is running a LIVE video sew along in our Sew Along Group (You need to be a member of our main group to join the sew along group!) for The Snazzy Slouch!

2 parts are already up but you can watch those anytime, they do not need to be watched live!


Here’s what you have to do:

1 – RSVP “Going” to the event:  (https://www.facebook.com/events/458001248457004/)

2 – Choose 1, 2 or all of the 3 patterns. (Factotum, Snazzy Slouch and Emma)

3 – Gather your materials, including Classic Blue fabric (or Classic Blue embellishments).

4 – Post a photo (only 1!) per entry of your materials, or your cut out pieces. Upload it to the comment section of the post created just for the Pre-sewing Before pics.

5 – Make a bag, or 2 or 3. No limit on the number of entries per person.

6 – Upload 1 – 3 photos showing front, back and inside of completed bag(s) in the comments section of the Finished Bag post by 23:59 (11:59 pm or 23h59) Pacific Standard Time on Jan. 30, 2019.

7 – Above all, have fun with this, experiment, push yourself to try something new. Play!

– To enter, you must post a BEFORE picture of your materials to the correct post before you start constructing your bag(s).
– You may enter at any time during the 22 days from Jan. 9 to Jan. 30, 2019.
– Bag must be made between Jan 9 (Aussie time zone) and Jan 30 (NA Pacific time zone).
– All bags must show the Pantone™ Classic Blue 19-4052 colour (or something very close) in a prominent and visible way.
– Photo collages are permitted.
– You may enter as many bags as you wish, provided the above conditions are met for each one.
– All eligible entries receive a coupon for 40% off next purchase of up to 3 patterns.

Prize A:
1 video course of choice (choose from The Allure, Bodacious Bowler or The Upgrader) + Blueberry kit* + 2Minutes2Stitch kit.

Prize B:
1 video course of choice (choose from The Allure, Bodacious Bowler or The Upgrader) + USD$25  Hawthorne Gift Certificate* + 2Minutes2Stitch kit.

People’s Choice Prize:
USD$15 GC from Bringberry* + USD$10 CWD Gift Certificate (Valid on International Website Only!)

*In case of prohibitive international shipping costs, sponsor prizes will be substituted with a CWD video course (can be used for upcoming courses, but expires Dec. 31 2021.)

So….Lets thank our wonderful sponsors:

Blueberry Quilt Patch

Hawthorne Supply Co.


Bringberry Handbag Hardware and Designs


Thanks Marsha! What FUN! Let’s do this!



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