Well….its been a hard slog BUT finally I am ready to release my latest pattern and video course, The Strapfield Convertible!

The Strapfield Convertible


The Strapfield Convertible is a super versatile design which converts from over the shoulder to backpack in one easy swoop. It’s also super easy to convert from backpack or shoulder bag to a cross body bag too! Sporting loads of pocket options, you can choose from one main Front Slip Pocket or divide it into two, and even add a front Cargo Pocket! Or if you don’t want that many pockets, simply add some stylish trims instead. The front also has a Zipper Pocket. At the back of the bag there is a newly designed Quick Access Phone Pocket. You can also add some Trims to the back if you wish.

The spacious interior closes with a recessed zipper. Inside there is an additional Zipper Pocket. If you are like me and LOVE pockets, you can add Pocket Supplement A for even more pockets! Your purchase of The Strapfield includes TWO sizes. The Small is fantastic for everyday use and the Large is great if you need to carry lots of extras for your kids or when travelling or are just someone who likes to schlep around their kitchen sink!

Both sizes will fit water bottles (depending on size and shape of the water bottle you choose) in the Front Slip Pocket, however for larger or taller water bottles I recommend not dividing the front pocket into two.

Finished size:
SMALL: Approx. 28cm (11”) W X 26.7cm (10 ½”) H X 9cm (3 ½”) D.
LARGE: Approx. 31.8cm (12 ½”) W X 30.5cm (12”) H X 10cm (4”) D.

Rated Intermediate: Ratings INTERMEDIATE

The GOOD news is that there are two sizes included!

Large and Small Strapfield Convertibe by ChrisW Designs

You will LOVE using the Strapfield Convertible. I know I do! With it’s unique strap configuration it really is super easy to convert from a shoulder bag to a backpack. I love how I can convert quickly and easy to a backpack so I have my hands free to shop or (more likely) load my groceries in the car!

Back View

Its also very easy to convert to a cross body bag simply by unhooking from the lower rings and hooking onto the middle rings instead.

Cross Body Strapfield Convertible

Of course it isn’t a CW Design if it hasn’t got a secret Quick Access Phone Pocket:

Descreet Quick Access Phone Pocket

Here I go again with my broken record spiel BUT I could NOT do this without my wonderful Testers! Due to the fact that my eyes are square and I need sleep, I am not going to sing the praise for each collage…Pictures say a thousand words anyway…They are ALL gorgeous. Enough said! LOL

Abbe made the Small Strapfield Convertible:

The Small Strapfield by Abbe

Laura of Totes Adorbs made the Small Strapfield Convertible:

The Small Strapfield by Laura

Cheslia of Daywalker Customs made the Large Strapfield Convertible:

The Small Strapfield by Daywalker Customs 3

Cheslia of Daywalker Customs also made a Small Strapfield Convertible:

The Small Strapfield by Daywalker Customs

Maria of Mia Creates made a Small Strapfield Convertible:

The Small Strapfield by Maria

Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio made the Large Starpfiled Convertible:

The Large Strapfield by Daryl

Janet made a Large Strapfield Convertible:

The Large Strapfield by Janet

Cheslia of Daywalker Customs was EXTREMELY busy! She made a THIRD Strapfield Convertible. Another Small:

The Small Strapfield by Daywalker Customs 2

Vickie made a Small Strapfield Convertible. You gotta love that gorilla:

The Small Strapfield by Vickie

Rachel of Tiger in a Tornado made a Small Strapfield Convertible:

The Small Strapfield by Rachel

Last up for today is Marilyn of Shades of Bold with a Small Strapfield Convertible:

The Small Strapfield by Marilyn

Like I always say, a great BIG thank you goes to all of the testers for their fantastic work in helping me iron out the wrinkles in this pattern and videos. You ROCK ladies! I will have even MORE tester photos to show off soon, so watch for those coming in another post! WOOP!

Of course…..don’t forget you can purchase the video course for The Strapfield Convertible too, for extra help! If you haven’t taken one of my other courses, they are not just merely showing you how to sew a bag, they are more like a complete sewing class except instead of you coming to me, I come to you! I leave nothing to your imagination either. I show you each step!

Don’t forget if you like lots of pockets like I do, Pocket Supplement A fits perfectly in the large and with a small minor adjustment (explained in the pattern) it fits perfectly in the small, too!

Take a look at the video trailer for The Strapfield Convertible:

You can grab the PDF pattern in my website shop HERE and the PDF + Video Course in my website shop HERE! Pocket Supplement A is HERE.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get sewing!



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