So here I am again so soon! LOL Amazed? Me too! Anyway I am super excited to show you my next new pattern for 2023! The Ruffled Runaway!

The Ruffled Runaway- A ChrisW Designs PDF Bag Sewing Pattern

PDF Info:

The PDF pattern for The Ruffled Runaway has 39 pages of instructions which include 96 step by step colour photos.

The pattern comes with written printing instructions as well as video instructions on downloading, saving, and printing for both a PC and Mac.

Pattern pieces are included for both shaped and rectangular pieces, as well as cutting measurements for rectangular pieces, so you can choose your preferred cutting method. Both Metric and Imperial measurements are included!

PLUS, a TEXT ONLY version of the instructions is available separately, for printing purposes. This is great should you not need or wish to print all the photos! Simply refer to your electronic versions for photos if needed! Saves on ink!

The Pattern files come in both A4 and Letter sizes for your printing convenience. A Projector file is included for your convenience.

The Ruffled Runaway - A ChrisW Designs PDF Bag Sewing Pattern


The Ruffled Runaway is a cute, modern and fun sew. It features a front and back centre pocket, perfect for your phone or sunglasses and two handy side slip pockets to drop your keys into.

The Ruffled Runaway - A ChrisW Designs PDF Bag Sewing Pattern

The main compartment closes with a recessed zipper and is quite roomy for such a petite little bag.

The Ruffled Runaway - A ChrisW Designs PDF Bag Sewing Pattern

Inside is a zipper pocket for stashing your valuables.

The bag has ruffled handle straps and an optional cross body strap which clips into optional grommets at the sides (you could also make strap tabs if you preferred).

The Ruffled Runaway - A ChrisW Designs PDF Bag Sewing Pattern

Finished size:
Approx. 28cm (11”) W X 20cm (8”) H X 8cm (3”) D.

Rated Intermediate: Ratings INTERMEDIATE

The Ruffled Runaway may also be suitable for an adventurous beginner, however choosing thicker fabrics will be more challenging.

So, as always, I want to say a great big HUGE thank you to each one of my testers….without them CWD wouldn’t be here! With all the eagle eyes of the testers hopefully the pattern is as close to perfect as we can get it! Testing also helps pinpoint where there are issues or difficulties in the instructions that need to be ironed out (clarified).. I know I sound like a cockatoo BUT, I believe I have THE BEST testers in the industry! You ROCK ladies!!

So, let’s look at some Tester Photos:

In no particular order, first up is Marilyn of Shades of Bold:

Marilyn's Ruffled Runaway

Next up we have Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio:

Daryl's Ruffled Runaway

Gladys of Chavant Gifts:

Gladys's Ruffled Runaway

Iris’s Ruffled Runaway:

Iris's Ruffled Runaway

Shanel of Sanity’s Boutique:

Shanel's Ruffled Runaway

Liz’s Ruffled Runaway:

Liz's Ruffled Runaway

Wani of Studio Roda Surih:

Wani's Ruffled Runaway

Meredith made hers with longer handle straps:

Meredyth's Ruffled Runaway

Janet’s Ruffled Runaway:

Janet's Ruffled Runaway

Leen’s Ruffled Runaway:

Leen's Ruffled Runaway
Brittany’s Ruffled Runaway:

Brittany's Ruffled Runaway
Pic of Brittany with her bag, for scale:

Brittany with her Ruffled Runaway!

Judy’s Ruffled Runaway:

Judy's Ruffled Runaway

Judy added bag feet to her version:

Judy's Ruffled Runaway 2

YES! Another pattern that uses minimal hardware! Times are tough and who isn’t counting pennies these days? Well, this bag just goes to show you that you don’t need expensive hardware to make a great looking bag! Still, if you are wondering where a good place is to buy Hardware and Supplies, please go HERE.

So, I hope these gorgeous photos have whetted your appetite a little! Thanks again to the awesome testers and proofreaders who, as always, have done an AMAZING job!

So what are you waiting for? Pop over to the International Website Shop or Aussie Website Shop, and let’s get sewing!



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