I am SO Excited to share my latest release with you today. The third edition of the CWD Bag Mag!

If you missed the first and second edition, you may wonder just what the CWD Bag Mag is all about. Well, it is a whole collection of fabulous bag related reading and viewing, all bundled into one fabulous little ezine for you to enjoy. It’s brought to you in PDF format, so you have it and can read it in seconds. No waiting for the mail to arrive!

The CWD Bag Mag – Full of Surprises!

There are Bag Making Hints and Tips, Website chit chat, A Designer interview & Bag Makers Interviews and even some Bag History for you to enjoy. There is a sewing machine review AND a new “Share your Space” section. So COOL!

There is even a free printable Bag Hardware Inventory sheet to help you plan your next bag making project! Use one for every bag and you will build up a nice reference library to refer to for years to come! SO handy!

The CWD Bag Mag – Informative and fun reading

Whether you’re looking to improve your bag making skills, read about other bag makers just like you, or enjoy a little humor. We’ve got you covered! So why not grab a cuppa, (or a wine) and settle into a nice cosy corner and explore!

The CWD Bag Mag - Edition Three with Gizmo Gargae BONUS Pattern!


The CWD Bag Mag also comes with a PDF Bag pattern for you to enjoy! Yes you read that right! A full and complete PDF Bag Pattern! In this edition you will receive the now retired Gizmo Garage pattern!

This bag has been one of my favourite makes. It’s so much fun and loaded with pockets BUT rather than revamp it, which I have found is as much effort as designing a new one and not as much fun, I have decided to retire it instead!

However, that doesn’t mean it still can’t provide a lot of enjoyment for bag makers far and wide!

Even though this bag pattern features my older PDF formatting and document styling, along with hand drawn pattern pieces (hence why I retired this pattern) the results when made up are astounding! Nobody will believe you made this bag yourself!


So yes, The CWD Bag Mag comes with a Bag Making Magazine AND the Gizmo Garage pattern, all for the same price the Gizmo Garage was retailing for on its own. It’s a great deal and awesome value for money! Grab a copy now…enjoy some reading and then let’s get sewing!

The CWD Bag Mag PLUS Gizmo Garage Pattern

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