At last, it’s done!
I am SO excited to finally launch my brand-NEW website! Oh, I may still do some tweaking here and there, but I do hope you like it! Sporting a brand-new Account system that makes it SO easy to retrieve your download files with the links sent to you via email! PLUS, ALL video Tutorials progressively made FREE on YouTube. What is not to love!

Old accounts?
At this time, you can still access your old accounts, courses, and downloads by logging in via the link called “Old Account Login” shown in the “My Purchases” dropdown menu. I can’t guarantee how long this option will remain available though, so I do recommend you download your files and save them to a safe place, if you haven’t done so already.

I always recommend downloading and saving your files regardless of whether you shop on my website or anyone else’s. It is best to view ‘accounts’ provided by any merchant as a backup for your own storage system because you never know when a website will close etc. (No, I have no intention of closing!)

So, will you help me celebrate? I am offering 20% off SITEWIDE, no code needed, so you can go and test out the new website system and save yourself a few bucks in the process! Oh and please DO contact me if you find any errors or something not working at all! I have had my lovely pattern testers and proofreaders go over the site (Thank you ladies) but we are only human and may have missed something!


Thanks so much!

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  1. HOw do I set up an account? I downloaded a pattern, and closed the browser – how do I get back to the download?
    And- do all the bags have a video? O downloaded the Serendipity, But I dont see a video….

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