The Lunar Collection - Available NOW!

July 01, 2016

The Lunar Collection - Available NOW!

My Bag of the Month Club pattern for June is the Lunar Collection. I am really pleased to final have a travel bag offering in my pattern collection. This pattern has THREE sizes! The very BIG (many say HUGE) "Full Moon" bag is perfect for a longer trip or for those of you that like to take the kitchen sink! The middle sized bag, The "Half Moon"is perfect as carry on luggage or a weekend away. The smallest size, the "Quarter Moon" is a great handbag size....or make a matching set and use it for toiletries! 

PLU....Also available is a Pocket Supplement....perfect for adding extra storage to your Lunar bags. Fits all sizes!

I sure hope you like them as much as I do! :)


ChrisW Designs will soon be moving to a new website platform for better video delivery and other fun features. Unfortunately as a consequence of the move, all current customer accounts will no longer exist. Please take steps to ensure your files are all downloaded and saved to a safe place on your computer as soon as possible.

Unfortunately I will not be able to consolidate your old account with your new one as there isn't an easy way to move the data over. The only way to do it is very labour intensive. I will however offer a consolidation service for those of you that like to have their files all backed up in the one place. This will be available for request on the new website at US$5.00 for all of your previous pattern purchases. Yes, I can also add those that you have purchased elsewhere as long as you have the receipt or I am able to locate the purchase for you. :)

I do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you but I do feel the move is in the best interests of serving you better in the future!

NOTE: Those with video purchases will be moved free of any extra charge!!
Thank you!