Now you have the pattern, I am guessing you will be wondering where to get the hardware and other supplies - am I right?

For Aussies, I now have a supply shop too! A growing range of Interfacings, Stabilisers and Notions which I myself have tried and tested and use on a daily basis for my bag making. YES Decovil 1, Soft & Stable and a whole lot more! You can find it HERE!

Interfacing SF101 Substitute - WovenFuse I love this stuff so much I have imported it and am selling it here in Aus! It is more than double the width of the SF101 at 45" and is top quality and super affordable!

OK….so here is a list of places to shop which I have compiled with the help of the awesome members of our Facebook Group. I do hope you will find this list useful!


Handbag Hardware on Etsy OR Betty Box Pleat - Aussie
Bringberry Canada
Among Brenda's Quilts Canada
Emmaline Bags Canada
Sallie Tomato USA
TTBird Designs USA
Bagmaker Supply on Etsy USA USA
3DSupplies on Etsy - Dan ships from Hong Kong. The quality is great but shipping takes a while!
Bucklekingdom for retail or ahkwokbuckles for wholesale.
Bobbin Girl Bag Making Supplies UK

Handbag Mart - USA - Under Construction - Your One Stop Shop!


ByAnnie - For Soft & Stable and other bag making supplies.
Zipit on Etsy for zippers.
A L Frances on Etsy for waxed canvas
Tracy1984 on Etsy for bag handles
Mikri World for Glitter Mirror Canvas
MM Cork Supply For Cork
Sew Sweetness For Cork
VooDoo Rabbit for Cork - Australia
Aussie Cork On Facebook

Little British Fabric Shop UK - Great source of Cork
Tandy For Leather and all sorts of other goodies…. Remember to choose your country at the top of their website!
Design your own fabric!
Home Sew All sorts of sewing goodies!
Keffyn’s Sewing Haven For custom fabrics, zips and other goodies – Aussie
Mypunkbroidery For Vinyl
Once Upon a Yard For Vinyl and fabric



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I do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you but I do feel the move is in the best interests of serving you better in the future!

NOTE: Those with video purchases will be moved free of any extra charge!!
Thank you!