A guide to help you choose the level of difficulty suited to your ability…

These bag patterns are super simple and suitable for a beginner.

These bag patterns are relatively quick and easy BUT assume some prior sewing knowledge.

These bag patterns require a little more time and patience and assume you have some bag making experience or are an advanced sewer.

Are you looking for a challenge? These bag patterns can take a lot longer to work through and can be quite challenging and suitable for the advanced bag maker. Please do not attempt these patterns if you lack patience and do not have time to devote to the project!

Our Easy Street Patterns are relatively quick and easy to make, yet still retain some pretty COOL features ChrisW Designs is renowned for, making them more than just a run of the mill design. However, they are not aimed at beginner bag makers as they do assume some prior sewing skills and previous bag making experience.

Primarily these patterns are aimed at the Sew & Sell maker looking to add some unique & stylish designs to their inventory, being less time-consuming to make than our ‘regular’ range of designs. They also make great gifts, or a satisfying quick sew just for FUN!

Note: Easy Street Patterns have smaller PDF’s and as such provide cutting measurements only for rectangular pieces and do not have a text only version at

Next Steps…

  • Check out the full range of PDF Bag Patterns. You are sure to find something suitable for your skill level as there is something for everyone!